Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a copy machine and a silk screen had a baby? We never did either, but here we are:

Similar to screen printing, Risograph duplicators work by transfering ink onto paper through a screen stencil. Each color layer is impressed separately. Although the Riso is automated, the nature of the process can provide some unexpected results including slight misregistration and/or roller marks. It's these surprises, though, that make each Riso print unique and interesting.

SIB SIB BOOKS operates a RISO ME9450. The four colors we currently stock allow for full CMYK(-ish) printing and the capability of mixing an extensive assortment of colors. See our color chart or catalogue for reference and examples.
Black, Blue, Bright Red, Yellow

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us with any questions! We are excited to make your Riso dreams come to life!

Full disclosure: “We” are a one-person operation.

Print Price Guidelines
Price Per Impression:
50-100 : 35¢ each
101+ : 25¢ each
(each time an image is impressed onto the paper)

For example:
100 copies of a 3 color print would cost $75
  • 100 (qty) x 3 (colors) = 300 impressions
  • 300 impressions @ $.25 each = $75

Riso works best on uncoated papers ranging from 20-80 lbs in weight. You are welcome to supply your own paper or purchase from our stock. We are also happy to work together to find and special order the right paper for your project.

Trimming and Binding Services
We can trim and bind your projects in-house. Binding options include saddle stitching (stapled) or 3-hole pamphlet binding (sewn).

Design Services
Have an idea but not sure how to get it on paper? We also offer file prep help and design services.
For more samples of art and design work go here.

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